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Hello, I'm Anil, Young Entrepreneur, Founder of Yaadvi. I have been featured in 50+ Print Media and 100+ portals across the world.

Personal Life: I love traveling (Presently No Due to😷), I love eating delicious food! And I also find myself spending my weekends going shopping and relaxing at home with Netflix. Cars and Gadgets are my weakness!

Official Life: Since 1954, my family has been in the groundnut industry. My family began expanding our business by exploring infrastructure, B2B trading, and other ventures.

However, I fell in love with entrepreneurship much later when I started "RIGO Water Filtration" in 2012. Along with two team members, I witnessed the organization grew as a pan India firm in a year and International in just a couple of years. Today RIGO is one of the most trusted and successful brands in Water Filtration in India. In 2018, I was the first and only Indian to address at the prestigious WATER CONFERENCE in Florida, USA.

I won the "Young Entrepreneur of the year" award by CNBC organized by 1000 Petals.

Diversification, upgrade, and innovation are a must for any person or business, which inspired me to start something new in 2020...

Here comes Yaadvi!

Yaadvi Brand Creators Inc. is into Branding, website development, Digital Marketing, and Mob Apps headquartered in Bay Area, California.

I started coding on WordPress technology from 2010, and by 2012 I became a professional in WordPress. After WordPress, I started exploring Corel Draw, Adobe tools, Google Crawling, Filmora, and many more tools, which helped me gain more knowledge on Branding, Web Development, Social Media Marketing, and Seo.

As a person who is interested in technology and the more rapidly developing world of business, I combined my skills to start Yaadvi.

Social Life: Ever since my childhood, inspired by my father, I used to participate in social welfare activities. Eventually, I became a socially responsible person. As a result, proud to say, as of today, more than 1 million people have access to safe drinking water every day.

I'm a proud member of the Rotary Club.

I have addressed many colleges and institutions about entrepreneurship across India and the USA, namely Christ University, VET, NRIVA, etc. Many TV Channels, Print media covered me on their tv channel and articles.

If you want to know more about Branding & Digital Marketing, or especially Websites (since it's my personal favorite), hit me up or email me:

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Projects Experience


Red Spices

We developed website, Customer Relationship Management tools, Finance tools, Automations, Branding and Mobile applications.



Sapthora mandated Yaadvi for setting up technology in learning space and we have developed website and branding for the same.



Sangeetha Studios approached us to build brand, e-commerce, mobile apps, Customer relationship management tools, finance handling etc.



Master Of Business Administration

Specialized in Marketing.


Bachelor of Business Management

Specialized in Finance, Operations Management, & Management Information Systems.


Anil loves to play golf, he works hard during working days and Saturdays you can find him at shopping or cinema. Sunday he would love to relax at home by watching movies and chilling out with his favorite Red Wine.